Monday, October 29, 2012

Summer Class

   I met a woman at school last week who inquired about my work, during our conversation, and asked if I had a website or blog. I sadly said no. But even though I had told her that, I knew that I had indeed delved a little into blogging in the past.  This post is just a reminder to me to keep up with work and to keep recent  ideas available for people to see. Perhaps people will see, and perhaps not. That is not really the point of this. It's simply to get my brain used to updating recent projects. Hurrah!!

   These photos were an exercise done back at home in Duluth, MN. They were done while taking a 3d summer course in June. We were to create works of art only using the materials available around us, in the place we wanted to work, using only a pocket knife. I still haven't told my brother I lost his tool... Although I didn't find this project completely captivating, I found it refreshing to be able to create work and then photograph it; to be in control of what the camera would see. The more I study and work, the more I realize that I shy away from thinking of myself as a photographer. I would like to continue this idea, perhaps working a little bit with snow and light this winter.