Sunday, December 16, 2012


    In all honesty I was scared to come home. Lot's of personal situations, and the overwhelming fact that I was going to be running around for whole month not knowing what to do with myself, and crashing where I ended up: my sisters, my brothers, my Dads, my Moms' etc... tiring. It was time to pray. And I have been praying for a miracle. And the word that comes to mind is awareness. There is healing when one is aware of the source of pain instead of simply reacting to it.

     The trip wasn't easy. It was twenty hours of Sig time, but I love to travel and I love to drive, so it evened out in the end. The weather is so contrastable to Memphis, that it was almost laughable. I found myself looking out the car windows at a rainy day, as I left, to fourteen inches of snow the further north I drove.

    And I have been surprisingly busy!
I have been blessed to help my brother move and in so doing, have been able to paint a few rooms in the house that he has moved into. YES!

    Now I am continuing to work on  a mural on my mothers wall. I started it spring break but had to leaving it unfinished due to a lack of time. I wasn't really intending to dive back in it so quickly, but since I conveniently printed off a bunch of photos at school before I left, (I drained the printers of their ink) and brought them home with me. I thought, "Why not use them on this?" So I got back to work today.

Acrylic Transfers
             Lots of hanging paper now, but after the paint dries, I can rub all that off.

 I brought my weaving materials with me! Mom's kitchen is full of Signe.

 Little Eli Man has continued to capture my heart.

 I went to see a performance with Grandma on Thursday, that my mom and her friends were putting on at the DAC in Floodwood. We get there and settle into our seats around a table, and soon coffee was offered by a nice woman who worked there. We both readily accepted. After a few minutes of chatting with the folks across the table, Grandma looks at me and says, "We need something to suck on." So she takes out of her purse and old eyeglass case holding Grandpas meds, cough drops and a couple candies.  I love Grandma.  There is no woman more resourceful.
It's been a good first week. I think I shall survive this one yet.