Friday, January 18, 2013

External Light Sources

So this project is due tuesday for studio lighting. It's the intro project that has once again not failed in freaking me out. I have never taken a full on digital course, and so suddenly having to use my digital camera for school is very scary! White balance, spot metering, ISO, Aperture, camera speed. . . sniff and then more? I loose it so quickly and forget what I am supposed to be looking for when doing projects like these.

These photos were taken by using a bright LED spotlight with a  plasic bag taped over the bulbs to diffuse the intensity and to not create that flashlight look.

Besides cropping, we are not allowed to tamper with the pictures.

The model is a comrade in arms, as is the holder of the lights. Thanks Nick and Crystal!

A friend sent me a link to an artist by the name of Matthew Albanese showing his incredible creations called "Strange Worlds".  his short little interview he said:

“I have been very discouraged many times building these. It can be very frustrating,” Matthew says. “But I found that making mistakes was the best thing for the work because I was able to discover methods and strategies to build future landscapes.”

I think that this is the quote of the week for me. :) Not that it really applies to what I took tonight, but it applies to the fact that most of the time I am working, I am making mistakes. Every now and then I hit on something good. But that is few and far between.

Some are a touch blurry which does urk me. This is due to manual focusing, a cheap camera, and slow shutter speed.