Friday, February 28, 2014

Etching Project

Family is so important to me. I am reminded everyday how more and more like my mother and father I am becoming through my actions, personality, and train of thought. I am seeing my growth as a metaphor in the shape of roots. My roots may not be visible to passerby’s standing on top of them or walking around then, but they are growing longer and deeper as time ages me, entwining around my inherited patterned DNA.  The image I conveyed is a tree reflecting it roots in systematic ways. The decorative lines framing the tree are used just like a frame on a family mantel reminds you and I of those we are close with.
My etching reflects family ties in a more general way. Nobody can relate to the relationship between my parents and I, but they can relate to how they themselves grew up and inherited family traits. The use of etching is very appropriate for my concept. An etching cannot be erased or smudged over.  When finished it is much like an irreproducible artistic blue print. The image of the tree is simple and the idea is simple, reflecting my personality. There’s no hidden meaning besides what is quietly stated. 

(Dude, anybody want one? I got about 500 rejects).