Sunday, April 7, 2013

Everything Relates for Me

    My parents used to go out on date nights every friday night. Dad would come home from work, an hour drive, and then pick up my mom and head back to Duluth for the evening. This was a time I loved. In the summer mom kept a green house for a few years.  Starting in March we had to keep the heat at a certain temperature, circulating the air with fans from the front to back. It was a large operation and every three hours someone had to be checking the fans, the temp and the stove.

    I remember one night when mom and dad were gone in Duluth and us kids were home watching "Lawrence of Arabia." (Date nights allowed for long double features! Something always to fight over). It was warm spring MN evening and the sun was setting. Tab and I walked out to the greenhouse to check the temp and I walked around looking around all that was budding on the shelves. And that moment it hit me how much I loved growing things. And how much I loved being on a farm. I was branded.

Tonight reminded me of that. It was a lovely evening to be outside.

I am trying to catch light. I'm not as excited about these,  but I'm learning not to be so dramatic in my gestures. And in doing so, I believe my actions are becoming more meaningful.

... or maybe it's just working with plastic that is reminding me of greenhouses. :)