Monday, November 12, 2012


I don't brain storm well. I tend to think really hard without success and then give up. It's only at that moment when I let my mind relax that I seem to spring upon an idea to work on. We are supposed to submit to two paid curated shows for photo class before the semester ends, and I am really struggling with what to work show. I have done quite a bit of experimentation of paper cutouts, but there really is no concept behind my actions or the photos. Why do I take pictures of dress pattern dolls?? The question has been in the back of my mind for quite a few months.
     Then I remembered yesterday of some photos I took during spring break. They played around with the idea of putting odd organic materials, such as sod, into dish-ware. I wanted to make dirt look good enough to eat.

   Well, why not put these fake cut out girls, (the image of the unattainable) in something that is indeed quite real and messy... As if to show the silliness of  "perfection" in advertisements. And hasn't it always been this way? Since the days that photos (photomontage) have been cut up and pieced together, perfection has always been easily viewed but never found. 
So tomorrow, I think I will head to the lighting studio armed and prepared for amazingness.