Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Our next studio lighting has to be done at night. It can incorporate commonly lights seen in town, and it can also incorporate lights that we utilize to our advantage. With this in mind I came across the idea to preform a skit behind a screen.

I want to create a story of me as I stand outside of the screen looking normal. But as I pass behind it, I turn into something warped and rigid. As I come out the other side, I again change into my own physical self. It's working with the idea of visually joining the mental and physical state together.

(Well with totally honesty, when visiting Graceland this weekend, I was adoring a piece of art with silhouettes of Elvis playing his guitar and I thought to myself, "Dang I want to do that!"

I first experimented by using a slower shutter speed, getting a nice contrasting figure, but I realized that It was more pleasing to see the surroundings around me. So I slowed the time down.
    These are just test shots. I haven't figured out my costume yet...


    This was done with a faster shutter speed.

And slower

And here is my costume for a slide photo shoot this weekend. I remember last year, my mother and I went shopping one afternoon in town. And as we were running around the store trying to find what we needed, we chanced upon a woman cleaning the shelves with a shopping cart beside her. We stopped and mom asked her for a little help, thinking that she was an employee. The woman didn't didn't seem shocked, but kindly replied that she didn't work here, and pointed to an employee to help us. So zoning I go! (Until I get kicked out).