Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Need to Start Creating Light

I think the richest part of this project was centered on one girl who walked by my house while I was shooting away yesterday afternoon. Now being a student who continually racks her brains for ideas, some incredibly hair brained, I don’t often think to much about what I do in order to get to the end project. It’s always that end product that weighs so heavily on my mind.
  I guess I didn’t think too much about the fact that I had plastic tied around my neck, arms, and waste and was flinging myself around bright flashing lights.  Well I guess this girl didn’t think too much either for she certainly didn’t look at me. With blaring country music playing on her eye pod, she almost zoomed walked past my house directing her gaze a mile ahead down the road.
            I wanted to finish this last assignment using the idea of my shadows and drop sheets. I had loved being able to visually pull myself away from darkness by directing the light upwards. This I had done a few weeks earlier with a simple flashlight. But yesterday the magic wasn’t ringing and I was stumped. Then the idea began to change through my hour of frustration, and I began to look differently at what I was doing. Ok, I was trying to created shadow. This really needed to stop. I needed to start creating light. Ya?

 Thus the end product.

And an end to a perfectly good piece of plastic.

            It was interesting meeting up with Suzie today at school. I always seem to belittle my concept and make light of my ideas. I ended up laughing and saying things like, “Oh, I ran around the yard and threw plastic around.” But I stopped when I thought about it. “It’s almost like my photo 4 class with my cutouts… you know, things are not always as they seem.” “There you go” Suzie said.   “That’s your concept!”

And it is true. I take materials and use them in very different ways then what they were intended for. 

And very true for my own life.