Sunday, December 2, 2012

Final Project/ Photo

Yes (disclaimer) it's long. I had not choice in the matter. If I wanted to do a video again, it had to be five minutes.

Can you guess, what my concept was??

The Good and the Bad

     It was a crazy day in all respects. Starting off cheering a marathon that passed our school doors at nine am this morning. No it really started with me waking up and regretting dearly that I signed myself up to be sign holder/amazing motivator. I found out I really lack in motivational skills. Half heartedly crying out, "Go, uh... ha... um woooei!" As I'm drinking my mug of coffee behind my sign.

 Then rushing out to Collierville to do a shoot, that wore me to the bones. I was so tired, and oddly irritated. Everything as usual wasn't working. I was doing shoot after shoot of myself the last couple weekends, looking like a fool, for all to see. And my final project seemed only to be getting worse. 

But before leaving Suzie's house this evening, she reminded me to pray about it. How odd I thought, to pray about a silly project like this. But I'll have you know, that in a matter of hours, after getting home, I  finished, and am happy to say that I am the proud parent of a finalized project. And I'm very excited about it!! Yes I know...

I ended the evening with Suzie, working on her final; Acetone transferring. It wasn't working . So tomorrow evening, it's another round.