Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Final Project_Photo 3

I wanted to create a character that seemed understanding of the power play between advertising and reality, and how I struggled with its spell. A friend and I decided to attend the outdoor mall in Colliereview, and it worked out well. At first I didn’t know what to do at all, thinking that we were just going to finish shooting a video for a previous story, but as things got rolling the air cleared and ideas fell into place.  
The story initially opens up as I am sitting at the kitchen table falling under the spell of the immortal add. The audio playing of War of the Worlds in the background is enlightening to the viewer of this struggle play.  As I walk up to the windows in the next scene, I am showing the inevitability of me morphing, into this fake perfection. But it’s still a struggle! Mrs. Advertisement has given birth to many goddesses like creatures, and the desire and the disconnection war within myself. How can I be happy with this petty little bit of flesh? There is always someone a little thinner, a littler prettier, a littler more confident, standing ten feet tall and blowing my shabby life and image down the gutter with her perfected lips. But yet without me, she cannot exist. And so the spiral continues.  She feeds off of me, and I feed off of her. The glass from the windows was also a nice touch for it shows that there is nothing that really connects us. I am an odd site in the face of superficiality. The last clip of me ends at the table with another clip of the musical ringing forever in my ears. It’s a never-ending battle, for I will always be human.