Thursday, December 6, 2012


This class was quite enjoyable for me. I had previously taken such a  class this summer back at home. But since I had audited it, I had to redo.  Everything is done through the use of cut paper, textural materials, glue, and sharp knifes. Every piece is roughly 16x20in.

Positive/Negative Space- First day of class, and I get it wrong entirely. The pieces were supposed to reflect each other.

Positive-Negative Shapes/ Arranging "Empty Space

Emotive Space/ Calligraphic Line/Line Variation

Creating Rhythm

Line Study

Line Repetition

Line Repetition/Movement 


Value into Shape/ Collage part II

Line Experimentation/ Self Portrait

Line Experimentation part II

Final Project/Visual Texture

Dreams and 2d work

Last night I dreamt that Caleb (my younger brother) and I had to catch up with mom who was in town meeting a woman friend. This old friend I felt was someone I knew from my younger years but I couldn't pinpoint her. Mom, dressed up, was meeting this friend at a open/cafe downtown on a sidewalk, in a unrelated small town on main street. We came up to where they were sitting and I sat down on one of the chairs. Leaning back and looking into one of the store window that was next to me I saw through the windows the ceiling of Duluth Famers Market. The roof still had that pale green paint, and the beams still held history of a burning.

 I mentioned to mom, "Do all Farmers Markets have ceilings like this?"

Caleb and I had arrived late for we were stuck in an odd situation just a few minutes before. I was trying to finish something in the photo room and then clean up the chemicals that were in the pans. Oddly the shallow sink like table that usually held the chemical trays was not a sink, rather it was  a deep brick vat that sank about eight feet underground. It was huge! The light was very dark in the darkroom (makes sense) and very yellow/red.

Caleb thought that he was going to help me clean up and so began to dump the chemical trays over into the water. I yelled out at what he was doing and Caleb to calm my fears, dived into the deep vat and and found that there was a drain that allowed the water to pass through. This apparently calmed me down, though I don't know why this discovery would.

Anyway, here is the makings of my last project in 2d.
To start weaving with photographs was first difficult for I had to take the knife to something that was coined, treasurable. But there are so many ideas going with this.