Monday, February 24, 2014

Home Work Assignment- Cover Letter


Dear Mr. Smith,
I am interested in submitting my application for the Vogue glamour photographer that was listed in job listing on It was stated that the job would open April 12th of this year and it asked for applicants to submit their resume and portfolios at least a month prior to this date.
            As a graduate of Memphis College of Art I know that I now hold the key to the success of your business. I have obtained complete knowledge and wisdom in the art of photographing beautiful looking people and smart looking products. I have learned to work along side a great class of bright students and wonderful professors,  pursuing goals and impacting the field of modern photography. Spending quality time in the lighting studio standing next to studio lights, strobes, meters, hot lights, and partially clean back drops has given me the confidence and energy of ten strong lads and a young pup. Just a few of my maturing lighting skills are:
Plugging in chords,
Turning things on,
Holding stuff,
Looking busy,
Venturing suggestions, and
Locking doors (most the time).
These skills, have allowed me to confidently photograph, specifically, head-shots, sample, products, Band-Aids and perhaps an orange or two.  As a graduate of Memphis College of Art, I feel capable in assisting any kind of art director or photographer of Vogue who is in need of said skills above.
I will be contacting you in two weeks to discuss my application and portfolio. I look forward to discussing my qualifications as a future employee and possible business partner. Thank you for your time!

Signe Johnson