Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finals Create Devastation

     It's easy to think then when finals come along at the end of the semester, students would all of a sudden have a strong urge to finish strong in all of their studies, giving their homework that last bit of  blood, sweat, and tears. I am not like this. I have never been like this. I tend to mentally give up two to three weeks before every term is over and tell myself that I will never finish and will die deep in debt with nothing to my name. This has happened to me the entire twenty years that I have been in school.

So here I am trying to do everything besides my homework... I am blogging. :)

   Here is my new experimentation! I have my Grandmother's Kodak Duaflex II currently with me in Memphis, and I have a strong urge to use it for my last photo project. But I need film and with this blessed camera, it's too expensive to just go and buy out of the store. But TODAY!!, thanks to the gods of the internet, I found a video making it clear that 120 film (which is cheaper!!!) can be used in this camera, which apparently only uses 620 film (really not cheap). Ahhhhaaa!! Kodak was making money in the 50's simply by putting the same film on different sized reels, and then making cheap cameras that only fit this "new film". I am happy but also a little ticked off. So tomorrow, off I go to the photo store to buy good old medium format film for my assignment.

Anyways, these are digital photos of the Duaflex II lens.