Thursday, July 11, 2013

"the weeder"

I seem to be living the life of a solitude monk this summer... Much of my days entireties are spent staring at dirt, whacking away at weeds.

 Though to put a twist on it today, I did find myself in the company of a hundred and ten chicken heads; after parting with their bodies just a few hours earlier, they lay not far from me... peacefully, with eyes closed.  A cloud of flies flew just above them, saying a few last prayers in unison to guide them safely to the Promised Chicken Land.

I looked above me and noticed a hawk circling.  Today was hot. The kind of day where it gets to be a little difficult differentiating between the colors of the surrounding landscape.

I will be glad to soundly punch anyone who moans and be-groans their lonely life until they have tasted in unaccompanied ground of "the weeder".

Testing different kinds of fiber material. I still like burlap the best.

I love walking around hardware stores! This SUPERTUFF paint gear seems like it just might be the next adventure.