Thursday, November 15, 2012


     I am not good with computers. I am not a fan of photoshop. I signed up for Digital Foundations, beginning of last semester and dropped it after one day (5 hours) of class. I fearfully fled the scene. I am not good with computers.
    But it was inevitable this semester, and so I signed up again in January. I have survived not because I know what the teacher is saying and doing, but because I can cover things up pretty darn well. My mom would always tell when in college, she passed music theory because she faked it ... well i'm doing the same with this class.  I have found that if I stare really hard at Mr. Zark when he is speaking, and then stare really hard at the projection screen, instead of my own computer, I tend not too look too much like a fool.
I'm not a fan of Photoshop... working with it physically or for it's morals.

    But I do find attraction in intentional photo collaging, or like the good old days, photomontage!!