Sunday, March 9, 2014


There are a lot of little stories that have been collected on this trip but I think the best one happened last night at a diner when Sasha and I were roaming the tourist streets for a bite to eat. I don't like dark restaurants or places that are filled with noise. Not my kind of place to enjoy supper. So we spend nearly an good part of an hour finding something that would fit my picky needs

 But  as we were sitting in a dungy aged looking diner with thick greasy smoke in the air, I began to take back all my pickiness of that prior hour. This might have been a poor choice as well. Sure it was empty and you didn't have to stand in line to get a seat, but something didn't sit right. I sat slowly eating my soup and looking around, making comments at Sasha who for once didn't seem to be bouncing off the walls with pure excitement. Yes it was a tiring week for sure. "I don't know about this soup.. it's kind of sludgy you know." "This diner looks like the Titanic..."

Then as I was about to finish, I looked down on the floor and spotted a mouse scurrying under one of the tables. All the color left my face.  As I stared at where it had gone.
"There's a mouse!" Sasha, who was one the phone with her mother, didn't seem to take my comment too seriously so I directed my concern to one of the employees near by. "There's a mouse!" The tall worker didn't seem all that concerned as well. "Oh yeah, der everywhere." He said confidently. "There's been construction up in the rafters and de's dropping from the ceiling." what the... I began to laugh and laugh. And we promptly got up and retired back to the convention.

 Taking the train into the city

Huge gluten free Pizza just a block away from the hotel. Lovely restaurant.

 Sick and grouchy

 Beautiful city!

Second thoughts about portfolio work.

The official badge that cost $140 bucks.

Waiting with full enthusiasm for the speaker.

Being tourists

The fudge guy

review times
waiting to be reviewed



the evening portfolio exhibition where everyone was invited to set up their work on tables

looking pretty rad 


Berthas man

Do not take pictures here! You get the hairy eye...

Great final speakers