Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Well you better go to bed now, cause there's going to be a lot of visiting tomorrow, and we all know how fun that is."

    Yes, within the first hour of meeting my little brothers new girlfriend this evening,  these grace filled words had escaped from my mouth.

    There is nothing glamorous about me, and I think that this incident really reveals just a glimpse of a deep darkness that lies within my petrified soul. Amanda is nice! But quiet and nice clashes so oddly with my own self. I come from a line of tall Finnish people. People who say what they want to say, without any flowers or chocolates involved. But that is no excuse for me. Perhaps that is why I am so in love with the sadly deceased, Peter Sellers.

    I'm experimenting with the new set of photos taken last week, seeing how they can take being transferred with paint. I'm not fully pleased nor displeased. I think that means I need to keep working... And I think I need to keep their color. I'm a little bored with black/white prints.


    So who gets lucky enough to play around with wall murals!! Attentions! Ahemms!
:)  If you turn your computer screen around, you will be able to tell better what I plan on doing to a 8x5 ft. piece of wall in a couple days. I want to create a family tree and utilize photo transfers into it. Thus the numbering. I think its going to be a fun week coming up here!