Thursday, July 4, 2013

model material

For the past three days, grandma has been in the hospital with a twisted intestine. Driving back and fourth from Hibbing to Duluth, has been the main course of events for me. This evening I managed to view on the drive, multiple firework shows near the road, including a glowing barrage of fireflies meeting my windshield. It's situations like these on holidays that I really remember. I don't remember the perfects years, where everything goes as planned. Monotony is comforting, but it also has a way of meshing life together.

 Grandma is a whole different person when she is having coffee withdrawals  Holy cow... there will be a lot of catching up when this whole mess is over.

My mother sent home with me, a box of amazing old family photographs. I just have to mention that (what the heck!!) my mother and grandmother have always been model material.  They are way too modest to admit it though.

Love this photo