Sunday, March 31, 2013

After a lovely Easter dinner, "Well, I'm going to go find a busy intersection and look like a fool." Vickie, "Oh my god, don't get hit."

What a busy weekend! From one assignment to another, and another.

I'm really humored by my ideas of studio lighting. Who the heck decides that they are going to light shadows... hand raised over here. I realize that I always assume that light is like using interior wall paint, but just a little thinner, right?

 "Well, we'll add a touch of light over here to highlight these balloons, then we'll add the projector light
over here, and oh crapahoy.

Balloons like nice!

Projector stealing the magic and the show.

So this is what I ended up with. I don't like balloons anymore. I do like shower curtains.

My arch enemy of all time is Photoshop. Whenever I do stuff like this, I think to myself, "What can I do that it cannot". I'm still working on this problem, but I like the idea of letting the shadows of these figures star as well. I would have liked to see more cars and people, but for the sake of taking the day off, I didn't stress.