Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lefse, L&M, and the Promised Land,

This bitter sweet week 

Who knows what lefse is? Isn't it that weird bread/pastry deal that you can buy at the grocers in plastic bag for quite cheap? Isn't it a scandinavian thing? Cause scandinavians eat stuff like that? 

Well Tuesday I was formally introduced to it, and I was also made aware that there are very special tools that are needed in order to make this edible tradition correctly. My mom held a Lefse party and a dear friend of hers showed up with equipment in hand and an apron on. I never knew it until that day, what deep respect I would soon hold in regards to the local L&M store when I learned where one might attain these tools. I kept saying throughout the afternoon, "L&M sells this stuff?" How ridiculously wonderful! They sell everything!

Now the next assignment was to do a photo shoot of Grandma and Grandpa. For the first time in my life, I have never seen Grandma be so ready to undergo to a project like this!

 It is known to all that live on this blessed earth, that special relatives seem to find some kind of satisfaction in mailing out photos during Christmas, showing their persons in rare exotic places, having the greatest time of their life. They are tan, happy and currently ahead of their somber card receivers, as they are currently entering the Promised Land. . . Or perhaps other dear family members find more satisfaction standing by some highly prized item that they have spent most of their life, time and funds on. 

 The first day I went over to Grandma's house for break, she laughing showed me a card in her office, of a couple standing proudly by a very fine piece of driving machinery that looked like it had never been touched by normal people hands. After I looked at the card, she said, "Grandpa and I should stand by that old truck of ours." I readily agreed. And what do you know! It so happened!  Grandpa was (assumingly) told to put on his clean overalls and Watson (my dog) wrapped in a scarf, and very unamused, called our house and told us they were ready for the photo shoot. We quickly got ready and headed out, cameras in hand. 

 Let it be known to all that my dear Grandparents are ready to hit the high roads!  

 I theeenk that I'm done with my mother's wall. I'm not all out loving what I did, but there are certain details that have sparked continual interest. Maybe next year, when I paint over it, those ideas will have matured. Great fun!