Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's what santa wanted I guess

It's been a tough fall and winter in terms of art making. I've heard that graduated artists go into a slump as soon as they realize that it's up to them if they want to really make it or not. (whatever make it means). And this happened to me. I couldn't even look at my art supplies without conjuring up some kind of nausea in my stomach. So I packed it all up in boxes, sealed the lids with tape and shut the door. . . or so I thought. Nearly immediately after that, I came in contact with a woman who wanted a logo designed for her, and some family photos taken for New Years.  Yeah ok, I can watercolor a little, that doesn't call for too much effort right? Haha, maybe not... And my beautiful effort of shutting things down, slowly began to unravel itself.
    Christmas Eve came and I had to make an errand to Walgreens before I went to my sisters for dinner. Running from the parking lot, I was held up by Santa Clause, slowly making a circle with his open convertible around the parking lot. He reached into the back of his car and pulled out a couple paint brushes, giving one to me. "Merry Christmas!"

    Back to work God? Yeah ok.. Pizza Luce show,  take two.  It's all about family history this time.