Wednesday, January 16, 2013


    I came back to Memphis with melodies of paint transfers still ringing in my ears. I brought everything with me that I had been using the past few weeks at home, wall paint, acrylic paint, xylene, acetone, paper, etc. Then I went class Tuesday morning and reality hit quickly. This was a new ball game. It's where rubber starts meeting the road for me. I feel like an inept photographer. I have always felt this way. I'm not good with equipment, i'm simply good with my hands. 
  Studio Lighting- Day 1

  "I'm going to ask you all, every class period, to hold up your journals and if you don't have one,  you are going home and it's going to count as an absence". Studio Lighting is all about taking notes and drawing diagrams. 

    But our first assignment is more in my territory. We are supposed to find some external light source that is not typically used in a studio, and use it as if it were. This is for a project due on Tuesday. Ten 8x10 prints must be completed in just five measly days. We all drew names in class that informed us of who we would shoot in this project.

    I don't know why I am not jumping for joy at this one. I have always been really good at finding external sources and creating mock lighting studios out of my Grandmas hay loft, through the use copious amounts of extension cords. But that is my problem. I am not anywhere near her hay loft. I do not have an abundance of tools and equipment that I can run and grab at every whim. In a sense I have left my "studio", at home. 
So I have been buying a couple lights and trying things out. Here is a tip for all. NEVER BUY FLASHLIGHTS AT GOODWILL. You will be disappointed. 

    This is when I start to envy the painters life. These photos are testing different lighting sources. 

LED flashlight

                                                                          Stove Light

                                                                      Stove Light
                                                                           Fridge Light
                                                                       Fridge Light

                                                                            Oven Light

                                                                        Computer Screen

                    This was a bulb/candle - Taken right before I spilled the hot wax all over the carpet. Thank God the folks I live with were understanding. :)

                                                                           Porch Light
                                  Green vase attached to a flashlight. I may try work with this.