Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back to plastic

I have met an interesting girl working at the farm this past month. She has a wonderful love for biology and plant life. Every half hour or so I see her bending over in excitement over some bit of nature. I on the other hand have learned to overlook a LOT of things.  I like to get a job done. I look at weeds as one generic monster and rip them out without even glancing at them.

"Oh look! It's a rare beetle! Would you like to hold him?"

I have learned this week that I am not as afraid of bugs as I assumed myself to be.

This past week, I have been trying out new materials to work with in regards to transfers. I love paper, but I also feel the need for something more substantial.

Floor tile doesn't work.
Wood is pretty, and it's fun to wax plywood.

So what do I want to say with this? I'm cheap man... and it's making me think and observe a little more. That's the best exercise an artist in training can do.

In my mind, I still call all this Clothesline Art.