Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Do you do like landscapes?"

I was posed many questions tonight, attending a house concert. Going to things like that is so fun,  but I am always faced with the position of having to keep conversation going with many people I simply don't know.  And I always have to look sure of myself and my position in life... So questions were asked including one about my degree, "Do you do like landscapes?"

 And I drew a blank. What the heck do I do here? How do I explain myself? How do I explain the fact that I jump in front of drop sheets at night, or make contraptions out of rulers and string and walk around with it on in public. I um... "It's more like fine art".  I said this, as I mentally banged my head against a wall. Sheet, that sounded horrible.

Tonight I have found myself making company with paint transfers. Nearly fifty total. Then to piece them together. Pictures of people walking around in stores. . .  And how do I explain that. Ahhh... the need for an artist statement is so needed right now.