Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BFA working critique

It's like a marathon of arts and crafts guys! And it never ends! Oh my back...

It's been a make or break week. There's been tears yes, and tons of frustration. Tuesday included me crying my eyes out to mom on the phone, and her then telling me to stick it out. In other words I was given a dose of tough love. But because I was honest with myself and family, things were able to continue on..  My grandma, believe it or not, is flying down to see me spring break. What a grandma eh? And this morning Caleb sent me a text stating that he is coming for graduation and might be bringing a couple of the guys. What a brother! Dad is great and is helping out financially.  Don't go to art school if you can't handle being broke twenty hours a day. And he also suggested the use of cement to help stand my mannequin legs up... ( that caused me lots of brain pain).