Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Now You're Making a Cognitive Leap"

  One of my teachers made this comment to me after I had had quickly blurted out my assumptions on a students project for IPC. If I could have visualized my brain around the time I said these words and put it into a recognizable form, perhaps my synapses would have looked like a human figure jumping or twirling in space... or perhaps a dozen people. . . I don't know.

     But I am VERY excited to be creating some work for the Duluth Art Institutes this spring centering a concept simply on the creation of art. 

    I am also a little concerned with the simplicity of silhouettes. Though I am going to be using the transparency projector again, I am nagged of its limits. So instead of cutting out foliage, I thought I would look around for real deal greenery  to incorporate with the figures. If it's transparent enough, some depth and color will project.

Here's hopefully some of the characters that will be used.