Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Digital Imaging II

"Feeling restless and so I go for a walk. Its' abnormally windy outside and my boot are too big so I complain. A hobo starts up a conversation with me about something that he saw earlier. His name is Willie and he sleeps under benches in the park and say he used to be a painter. He's got a big, black, wiry beard and crooked teeth. I sit next to him and he lets me share his handheld radio radio that he listened to soft jazz on." (student)

Photoshop! I don't know why you and I don't get along as well as we could. This relationship is slowly getting better, but I still don't know why I don't die and go to heaven when I have to sit and gaze at you for five hours a day.

We were given a assignment in digital imaging class to recreate other students dreams/stories. This is 2/5 that have been partially completed. I spent two and a half hours in class last monday scribbling crayon on newspaper and then scanning portions to create backdrops.Some days I get so tired of just looking at a screen and clicking away. And this genius idea of crayon and newspaper, solved my distress on Monday.  The trees are from Overton park, the star playing these characters is ... yours truly!

"Two little boys who pretend to be in the army are playing in the woods. they have water guns and re-fill them with a bottle of rubbing alcohol they found in the cabinet because it burns when it touches their scrapes. Chasing each other, one begins climbing up a tree and the other follows. They climb high enough that the tree sways, but to the they are in an imaginary battle. the tree isn't a tree. They are in the sky flying in jets. The first boy knows that he is safe because he has a parachute on. He 
jumps out the jet; of of the tree" (student)