Monday, January 26, 2015

"I feel like I'm giving birth to frankenstein down in the basement"

This statement may have or have not been the most tactful way of saying to two guys I barely knew, "I'm going half crazy making messes downstairs." Last night our landlord and neighbor were up and down the stairs quiet a bit as I was working on this piece. Tony, our landlord, finally began to state that the basement was the "studio." I laughed out loud loudly and blurted out my frankenstein joke. . . the silence that came afterword was blatant, and I began to realize that a pregnancy allegory may not have been the wisest choice for this evening. These guys were not the kind to laugh awkwardness away... but just let it rest thick in the air.

In the movie frankenstein, which ever one you prefer, there is always a scene where Victor, the creator of the monster announces with passionate vigor, "It's alive!!" I have always felt a kind of kinship with this scene.

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