Monday, February 11, 2013

NU and Blane St. Croix

       It’s just possible that a great professor of MCA, Kevin Mitchell, has just opened a gallery this February First! The gallery NU, features current contemporary artists and is located on 2577 Broad Ave, Memphis. The opening on the first was a great success holding a one-night show,  
Co LAB -­A Collaborative Experiment.  Feel free to check it out or go to the website; 


         Blane De St. Croix visited MCA last Thursday taking time to visit both the afternoon IPC class and also lecture at seven-­‐thirty that same night in the auditorium. As an artist he works both in sculpture and two dimensions, creating massive and impressive landscapes that focus primarily on the conflict between ecology, politics, and the human race. St. Croix has found that creating sculptures is a way for him to enter and surround himself with his work in a real and tangible way. His sculptures are located all over the world including Mexico, Afghanistan and South Korea. I was very blessed to hear him both in class as a teacher and at the lecture as a professional artist. His wise words to the students and myself that afternoon impacted me in a strong way. He advised students to always always be conscious of the environment around them as they are influenced by it, to do creative research in places where students are rarely seen anymore, such as libraries, and to never show blood in artwork. One simply can compete with Hollywood. His website is: