Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I can't help but be happy with myself.

You know that projector thing I was doing? Well, it really wasn't working with strobes.  So I undertook the task of trying to do without the projector. And I believe I am on the right track!! Not  really happy with the compositions in general, but I feel  oddly accomplished in myself. I know I am accumulating tools for the future.

I set my camera at 4000shutter speed and 8 Aperture.

The strobes were flashing at .8th second and around 11 Aperture on the wall.

I think this means that the camera was reading about 16th of the light the strobes were producing. . . I might be totally off here.

But we need to take into account that I was two stops away from the wall in order to obtain a total silhouette. .. So 18 Stops total? As my mother would say, "Heavenly days!"

So the more you see of me, the less the difference in stops.