Thursday, March 7, 2013

Been around two years right?

So maybe I'm just excited to see my family soon, but I was humored when I remembered that it is closing in on two years since Caleb and I traversed the seas of Wisconsin and Illinois to audition at Visible.

 And now to find myself sitting at the Keith's kitchen table making cutouts, of me acting like a fool for my next photo assignment, is quite funny at eleven pm.



Never would I have guessed  that this is where life was taking me.  I have no regrets!

And there is another thing, I have never been able to do homework in living room or in any other part of the house but the kitchen. It has been this way ever since I was a youngster sitting at the table with my sibling doing Saxon math and breaking pencil lead.

Always the kitchen... always.

I'm really excited about these cutouts. There are so many times when I see some kind of human interaction in real life that sparks my interest and  I think to myself, "That would make a great skit!" Now if I use this idea wisely, I might be able to pull some pretty cool ideas into reality.