Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just Let It B

It disappoints me to think that most of my classmates and those who see what I do in school and in my assignments, think I'm simply the performance one in the group, staying two ounces shy of conceptuality. I come from a world of blatant literalness and Northern living. Yup that is true.

Example:  If you are an artist in Duluth, MN, you better be painting the scenic lighthouse and Lake Superior for the rest of your days.

 And for the past two years I have been introducing myself to a strange new world. It's like learning a language. I simply can't receive it like salvation and know I have a new soul overnight.

In the face of humorist performance. It's plainly therapy. I have to deal with so much mental shit from the moment the eyes are opened, that unless I divert myself in a positive way, I can't deal. I have to be able to find laughter wherever I can go in order to breathe properly. So until I have the balls to tell my story, it's what's going down for me.

I love what everyone else is doing in school.  From molds that woman try to fit into, to adolescence at it's finest.