Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back in Town

    Well I'm back in the land of Memphis! The place where one feels like they are spreading the gospel if they use their blinker in a timely manner. I decided to nail this down to a science.

1. If the driver behind you races up to your bumper swerving back and fourth trying trying to look around you, and then swerves lanes to clip you off and speed ahead, (as if you are a flake of dust in their window)- they are in deep need to the gospel and are heading to the hellish depths at a fast rate. 
Their cars are probably painted white/black and bashed in the front and on the right side.

2. If the driver around you, tailgates and then quickly swerves around, but manages to blink once as it enters your lane a foot ahead of your wind shield, annoyed that they have to reach toward the blinker -they have heard the word but because of their faults in life they have not managed to carry it out.
These cars are very new and shiny...2012 models.

3. If the driver behind you comes up quickly, doesn't use their blinkers to make it's way around you, but does indeed blink more at least 1.5 times to get back in your lane, (they are telling you that you are going to slow by cutting this blinker off at half point) - then they have at least been raised in a Godly fashion. 
These cars look normal.

4. If the driver behind obeys the law and blinks accordingly while not rubbing paint off your bumper - they are true missionaries and in deep need of  a profound respect. The lost are being reached through these wise souls.

These cars have a faint halo hovering gently above the roof of the cab.

  I have to take a studio lighting class this semester, so I took THE HEAD with me. Who knows, I might need it! I feel liberated to be back in town. This is the first time in three semesters, coming back here, that I knew where I would be sleeping. What a safe feeling! 
     I also brought one of my wedding dresses. I had an addiction a couple years ago, buying these things at the local thirst shop. Who could possibly turn down a mess of lace and frills for a measly five bucks!?? I thought I might put it on and then meander downtown to catch a few reactions...with a bucket for tips in my hands.