Saturday, January 26, 2013

Io Palmer, Color Photography, and Downtown Grad Center

It's been a wild two weeks getting back in the swing of things here at school. From new professors to new expectations. Some evenings after coming home, I will have the sorest jaw and realize that I have been biting down hard all day without knowing it. I really love these classes though. There's so much confidence gained in struggling through.

This is the beginning of our first project in Photo 4. Learning how to push and pull color film (under expose and over expose film in the camera by changing the ISO settings). Thank God this is a group project class!

Instructions on how to do this assignment. It took five glorious hours to get er done. And I have new brain cells to prove it. :)

   MPI : One of the few great shops left that develops slide film.

    Here is a photo of the slide film. It was so cool to see positive images in film strips. They looked like little gems.



                                                       Grad Center downtown Memphis

                               This work is done by Io Palmer. She came to Rust Hall to give a lecture Thursday evening of her life as an succeeding artist. Check out da link and get to know ha.

Grad Gallery

            Trolley Night Downtown (This is where students get a chance to come out and be cool... and look cool).


                                     I stopped on my way home last night to start snap a few shots on Covington Pike road in Bartlett. I want to start doing transfers with color photographs, and I thought car lot shots at night might be an interesting combination with paint.