Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ya, I bought a can of light.

Today was long. The moment I got up I was running around trying to do my final shoot for class. From shopping at Lowe's for clearance plants, to sitting in a  little dim laundry room for hours tying to be the boss and meter like I should, to printing at the school with Suzie (that was fun).

Well at first it looked like everything was just blahs and bloopers... I had thought that light would reflect nicely if I simply sprayed the plants with water. It worked in my mind when I was running around Walmart trying to find a darn spray bottle. But in my one window dryer studio, it looked like I was failing. What the heck!

 So I took out the gold spray paint. And like magic I saw light! I didn't really know that I was humorously cheating till Suzie commented this evening as we were looking at my prints. "Oh it looks like the paint is a light reflection!" I stopped what I was saying and started laughing. I remember my last post on this blog. I think with out really knowing it, I held light today. And my rays came in a four dollar can.