Friday, April 19, 2013

personal space

My IPC class has taken me from topic to topic. I started the semester thinking about my concept in light of entertainment during the 40's. I currently now am pursuing the idea of personal space and those who invade it.

 The brain starts at a very young age, telling us that we are endowed to an area of space generally 1.5 to 4 feet around our person. When we have matured to adolescence, this thinking for most, has been set in stone. Other countries may vary in how large this bubble is.

My homework for class was to create some kind of system that could be repeated at least 20 times, record the process of this system in some manner, and jot down  the steps so that I could talk about what I did in class.  So suzie, (thank you :) )  and I went around to Target, Home Depot, and Marshall's to collect my data. At first it was very difficult. The woman walked up to, seemed to react like magnets against me before I could even get close. I realized that my preconceived ideas of recording before and after pictures (entering the bubble and then seeing how far they moved in five seconds) was futile. If I walked ten feet near them, they moved away. So we came upon the conclusion of taking the picture of them alone, and then with me in the photo. This allowed us to record the distance that they moved from their original spot once I entered the scene.

I am an official creeper now. lol. Strange homework indeed.


The results were interesting!
90 percent of my woman did not like the intrusion
90 percent of men seemed oblivious to it.
A few snap shots.

And today, we observed how pained looked on:
I wasn't overly thrilled with the corn, but I sure loved the broccoli!