Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wall paint is like butter cream frosting- the kind that kids make

    As kids, my sister and I would bake constantly. It was considered one of the funnest things that we could do together in the afternoon after school was over. We would concoct some of the most extremely decadent treats and plaster them with an intensely sugar filled coating. . .  runny butter cream frosting.
   I was reminded of this after driving home from the Grotte's this evening. It always seemed like Tab and I had to store our freshly baked goods in the fridge because our frosting couldn't hold it's own in the warm MN temperatures. It never failed by running off of the tall double layer cakes and onto the counter in small puddles, calmly making a huge mess. But what the heck! Did we care? It was sugar!

    I am comparing wall paint to this kind of frosting. And I am always a little let down when find that I simply cannot mold and form this kind of material, no matter how hard I try.  I want thick butter cream frosting that I can work with! The kind that grown people make. The kind that stands with peaks when you whip it in the bowl. And when I do, let the world stand back in wonder.

    Being that I will have no time in the next few days to work on anything I decided to blog again this evening. Off to my sisters and then off to Memphis. I was very sad packing my junk up in Dad's basement tonight. I'm excited to go back, but terribly sad to leave, again. OH LIFE!

This was a mural I did last summer. I thought I would post it along with the new one.

I have found my new love.  Just think of all the cool things I could coat with this!

This is of my favorite pieces ever made. Not because of it's intensely great looks, but because it was made during a time when it needed to constructed. It was therapy. Sadly only about two thirds of the family is sewn together, but I have left the needles in tack when I come back this summer to finish it up.