Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Uncontrollable Project

Uncontrollable Project
We had an assignment in photo class a few weeks ago that required us to give up control of the camera by not being able to look through the viewfinder when we pressed the shutter. Ahhh! And we had to incorporate some kind of rhythm or pattern as to when we took the pictures. AHH!!! The photos in this blog did not end up as my submitted work for class, but I think they deserve a place somewhere...

I held the camera waist level and walked around the Bartlett festival, stopping every ten steps to press the shutter button. Most of the photos ended up capturing some lovely hind end, but every now and then I stopped at the right time and caught a face. It was hard to stick to the rules, as my mind would tell me over and over again that I was missing some lovely compositions. But I stayed true to the rules and learned to give it up.

 I love festivals like this. They remind me of home. 

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