Friday, March 1, 2013

What the heck am I saying.

IPC class is all about visual concepts that bend toward the conceptual and metaphysical rather than the literal. this assignment was all about quick visual sketches through the use of a camera. Quicker to brainstorm I guess. In light of that, I could use some help. I won't tell my concept, but I would love a few guesses. What is this poor lost student trying to say? 

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  1. The concept of time is prevalent in these, as evidenced in the hourglass, the metronome, and the clock. There are many cutouts of contemporary celebrities coupled with vintage idealized figures, and in some of the images, it seems as if the beautiful figures are being prodded and picked at by others. I'll guess that these photo sketches are saying something about the ephemeral state of youth and beauty. It may also be saying something about the way we pick apart and turn celebrity and beauty into commodities.

    I could be way off though. :)