Friday, April 26, 2013


Today just may be the most tiring day all semester for me. Home is calling. And it's scary, cause I'm starting not to care. Same thing happened last semester. I gave up two weeks too soon. Suzie and I drove to the mall today so that I could do my performance piece for IPC.
But I couldn't do it.
I've had enough of being the fool.
So we left. 
Holy cow. 

For my final in Digital two, I am going to print these babies off, throw paint on them and sew um together as a collage. I feel like my mom, whipping together supper out of leftovers from the fridge. She would always say, "Anything is good with cheese on it."  So I guess I see it as, "Anything is good with paint on it." 
Love you ma. 

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  1. Earl likes these! They are nice and the mixed media end results will be awesome. Hang in there. Eat bananas. They are good for whatever ails you. Then photo the skins with paint.
    This week I made a wonderful chicken rice dinner...with cheese. THen we had it again for supper the next night.....with cheese and croutons mixed on top. Then Grandma put the rest of it in a smaller casserole and had it for a leftover supper....with more cheese on top. MMMMMmmmm.