Monday, July 1, 2013


Her name was Ida. 
 I was perhaps seven or eight years old. I remember going to visit Ida at Nopeming. I remember wearing a brown homemade dress with yellow flowers on it, that mom made for me. Mom would have us kids visit and sing with a couple of the old folks here when we were just little kids. I never liked it. I never liked to sing. 

My friend stated tonight, as we walked the grounds, how fast things fall apart without humans. This place has only been closed for a decade but it looks like much more time has elapsed since it has been usable. 

Things fall apart without humans.... And they fall apart very quickly. 

I had to buy chocolate and coffee tonight after this escapade. 

Can I sing to them now? 


  1. Ida and Mary ? sure looked for us though. We were Mary's life, unfortunately. She had no one. That was sad. I remember the old guy in his bed. I thought he was a cute old man until he opened his mouth and asked if I didn't know where I got all those kids.

  2. Mary! That's her name. I couldn't remember...